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Megan + Will | Windsor, Colorado Wedding | Caron Nicole Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Hmmm… Well I haven’t even started writing a description of Megan and Will’s wedding and already I’m finding it hard to not get teary eyed. I am instantly flashing back to early childhood memories consisting of cornfields, horses, jump-it’s, truth or dare, tantrums, sleep-out’s on trampolines, kittens, “Daddy’s surprise”, soccer games, laughs, tears, hugs, time-out’s, and honestly the closest thing I’ve ever had to three sisters and a brother. Megan was one of those three girls so needless-to-say this wedding was incredible to be a part of. I think the only thing that kept me from crying was my mind was on lighting, angles and composition.

I hadn’t met Will until the day of the wedding, but even before he had proposed I had sent Meg a message telling her, that when he did (I could just tell he was THE ONE from photos I’d seen of them together) I would drop whatever I was doing to be there. He was just as great as he seemed and they were even better together! It was such a special day and I am so happy that they found one another and I was there to capture it!

And now, to prevent the waterworks from starting, I’ll get on to the photos.

Meg and Will were married in Windsor, Colorado.


Caron Nicole Photography

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